Monday, 30 May 2016

Mahi Kainga

Kia ora whanau,

thank you to those parents who attended our whanau hui. This was a great opportunity to discuss our vision for 2016. Kapa haka is in full swing and the boys are encouraged to participate fully in kapa haka this year. This will help build identity, pride, and a sense of belonging. Kapa haka will involve a lot of commitment from whanau/ parents to ensure our boys are eager and prepared to be selected in our regional group.

Homework/Mahi kainga:

Homework is sent home with your tamariki everyday. It is vital for whanau to play a supporting role and ensure that time is allocated for this. Mahi kainga will include work/subject matter covered throughout each day.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Toka Hetaraka - Drums - Room 22 - Kotuku Boys - Noho Marae

My name is Toka Hetaraka and I am on the far right
Frankie Hohepa is on the drums Joshua is in the middle and our tutor David on the far left. Doing the drums was a very new and exciting experience. At first it was very difficult learning patterns and finding beats with which drum to play but slowly but surely it got easy. David, our tutor, showed us his talent and it was exhilarating and it made me want to learn so much more and hopefully in the future I can be just as good or better.

Jahkash - Noho Marae - Electric Guitar

Kia ora kautou katoa its Jahkash speaking I'm here to tell you more about our fantastic noho\sleep over if you can see me on the far right and my guitar teacher on the far left as Matua Desmonds brother who is teaching us electric guitar a song from their local church. Moea our electric teacher was really impressive he even showed us its even easier to hum with all the cords. At the end of all our lessons we all had to show our skills we learnt but I cant wait until I'm older I would wont to learn more about the electric guitar. 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Ko Tapu ariki toku Maunga
Ko Ohinemuri toku Awa
Ko Tainui toku Waka
Ko Ngatitamatera toku Iwi
Ko Ngatitawhaki toku Hapu

Ko Kahu toku Mama
Ko Riki toku Papa
Ko Tylar toku Tuahine
Ko Tiana toku Tuahine
Ko Kahle toku Tuahine
Ko Maddison taku Tuahine
Ko Boston Ahau

Whakatauki Tenei;
Kaua e mate wheke mate ururoa

Monday, 15 February 2016

I.T Learning Session 2
Our focus: Note Taking
 With our focus being Note Taking we remember; Key Points, Key Information, Specifics, and Rephrasing our newly learnt information as if we were to keep every single bit of knowledge that would be plagiarism. We have been working on articles to learn more about things that are happening nationally and inter-nationally so we can stand up and present to our class what we have currently learnt.
Room 22 - Kotuku
Suliafu Vaioleti

Ko Whangatautiea toku maunga
Ko Waiora toku awa
Ko Tinana toku waka
Ko Terarawa toku iwi
Ko Parewhero toku hapu
Ko Roma toku marae
He Whakatauki tenei;
Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro none te ngunere ko te manu e kai ana ite matauranga nona te ao
Ko Crystal taku mama
Ko Terangi taku papa 
Ko Huia taku tuahine
Ko Kanua taku tuahine
Ko Daneil taku teina
Ko Kihirau taku kuri
Ko Cruz Ahau

Te Reo Maori i tenei ata.

Kia ora whanau,

we started our day with our formal Te Reo Maori lesson where we added to our mihimihi and looked at our whakatuaki for  this week. Our homework for tonight is to recite our whakatauki and mihimhi. We need to focus on the four P's.

They are, Presentation, Presence, Pronunciation and Projection. Our aromatowai/ assessment will be on Friday. Please help us at home and give us time to learn this.